Basic material properties

  • optically transparent
  • processable as a duroplastic
  • non-crystalline

Beside project based developments for various industries Fraunhofer ISC also offers scientific and technical consulting services for ORMOCER®s.

The relative proportions of the structural elements determine the material properties. The properties are controlled by the choice of base materials, by how the inorganic polycondensation reaction is conducted, and by controlling the linking reactions which lead to the construction of the organic network.

Bifunctional starting compounds

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Bifunctional starting compounds

Influence of structural elements on various properties

  • hardness, elasticity, density, porosity
  • thermal expansion
  • polarity: hydrophilic/-phobic, oleophilic/-phobic
  • structurability
  • refractive index , dispersion
  • sensitivity (gases, ions)
  • barrier effect, corrosion protection


 Source: M. Ashby „Materials Selection and mechanical design“  3rd edition (2005)
© M. Ashby
ORMOCER®s in comparison to other material classes

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