ORMOCER®: Coatings with multiple functions

ORMOCER® coatings act as multifunctional protective layers on a wide variety of materials


ORMOCER® and bioORMOCER® coatings can be used to provide new and improved surface properties to a wide range of materials. This type of material design is sustainable because the life time of materials or components is extended and less expensive and/or more environmentally friendly base materials can be used.

Glasses, metals, fossil- and bio-based plastics, and even textiles and other fiber-based substrates are suitable for coating. Besides the desired additional functions (e.g. easy-to-clean or anti-microbial), the ORMOCER® and bioORMOCER® coatings also perform a protective function. For example, against the migration of ions, as corrosion or scratch protection. These properties can also be combined and are thus multifunctional.



ORMOCER® - the multi-talent!

Depending on the product requirement, there are barely any limits to the applicable functionalities - from antimicrobial to conductive as well as scratch-resistant and water-repellent. 

Anti-corrosion layers

Protective coatings against corrosion effects

Antimicrobial layers

Active layers against bacteria and other microorganisms

Anti-soiling layers

Easy-to-clean and dirt-repellent surfaces

Barrier layers

Migration barrier for gases, water, monomers, etc.

Conductive layers

Anti-static and conductive surfaces

Decorative layers

Color and gloss layers for surface finishing

Hydrogen/oxygen barrier layers

Migration barrier coatings for oxygen and hydrogen

Hydrophobic /
hydrophilic layers

Water-affine and -repellent surfaces

Scratch-resistant layers

Abrasion-resistant and functional hard coatings

Other properties

e.g. biodegradable coatings, friction modifying coatings and sensor coatings

Hybrid layers
in detail

Application or coating methods of the ORMOCER®