ORMOCER® for optical applications


The available structuring methods, excellent adhesion to different materials and controllable optical properties make ORMOCER® lacquers ideal coatings for the production of optical microsystems.

Their compatibility with traditional thin-film technology, simple means of processing (curing temperatures < 170 °C in standard atmosphere) and the possibility of creating microstructures (e.g. bumps or vias) are a guarantee for maximum flexibility and versatility, which is underlined by the fact that ORMOCER® coatings feature negative resist behavior.

Methods for creating microstructures:

  • Standard photolithography process
  • Laser ablation
  • Laser direct writing
  • (Precision-) Stamping

These advantages are completed by the excellent optical properties of (unfluorinated) ORMOCER® coatings and their dimensional stability.


Wavelength [nm] Damping[dB/cm]  
633 0,06    
1320 0,20    
1550 0,50    

Refractive index nD:: von ca. 1,45 bis 1,58
Young's modulus: 2.5 GPa (adjustable)
Soldering stability: 300 °C / < 30 min
Thermally stable: bis 300 °C (TG/MS, 5 % Masseverlust)