ORMOCER® for microsystems technology

ORMOCER®-coatings are well suited to generate patterned layers with well-defined electrical and optical properties. The preferred means of structuring is a selective polymerization reaction. In general, ORMOCER®-coatings exhibit negative resist properties and are therefore compatible with the thin-film processing of electrical and optical interconnection technology.

Outstanding stability in humid atmospheres, high electrical resistance and good adhesion on most substrates lead to excellent passivation properties. The possibility of functionalizing ORMOCER®-coatings also makes it possible to produce materials with ionic conductivity or low optical losses for optical communication technology.

Examples of applications

  • Dielectrics for interconnection technology
  • Passivation, insulation and encapsulation in (micro-) electronics
  • Optical guide structures as connectors and switches for optoelectronics
  • Substrates and layers for micromechanical applications
  • Solid ionic conductors (Li+/H+) for batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells and electrochromic windows

Structuring technologies

  • Clean-room facilities
  • Photolithography (proximity or contact mode at 250 or 380 nm)
  • Laser direct writing (257, 360, 514 nm)
  • Laser ablation (248 nm)
  • Replication techniques, embossing (grid, stamp, mask)
  • Micro-spray coating
  • Screen and pad printing