ORMOCER® as dielectrics for interconnection technology

The many different technologies available for structuring and the excellent adhesion of ORMOCER® coatings on various materials (e.g. silicon, SiO2, glass, metals, oxidic and low-cost polymer substrates such as BT and FR4) show that ORMOCER® coatings are perfectly suitable for applications in microelectronics and microsystem technology.

Their compatibility with traditional thin-film technology, simple means of processing (curing temperatures < 170 °C in standard atmosphere) and the possibility of creating microstructures (e.g. bumps and vias) guarantee maximum flexibility and versatility with respect to locally available technologies, with ORMOCER® coatings featuring negative resist behavior.

These advantages are completed by the excellent electrical, mechanical and thermal properties of ORMOCER® coatings:

Dielectric constant: e < 3.2 (10 kHz)
Dielectric loss factor tan d: < 0.004 (10 kHz)
Specific resistance: > 1016 Ohm cm
Dielectric strength: 400 V/µm on Al
Young's modulus: 2.5 GPa (adjustable)
Welding stability: 300 °C / < 30 min
Thermal stability: up to 300 °C (TG/MS, 5% mass loss)