ORMOCER® as bulk material


The material synthesis principle of ORMOCER® can also be for the production of bulk materials. The combination of tailor-made precursors with commercial educts plays an important role. The range of adjustable properties is greatly enhanced by the possibility of adding many fillers in a variety of forms (such as particles, fibers or weaves) and compositions, thereby producing composites for dental applications, for example.

Beside commercially available precursors, specially developed, easily synthesizable multifunctional silanes form the material basis of bulk inorganic-organic hybrid polymers. This makes it possible to adapt various properties (Young's modulus, thermal expansion ratio, etc.) to a wide range of requirements.

These bulk materials can be significantly modified by employing commercial or specially synthesized inorganic and hybrid particles to enhance or optimize certain properties.



Possible applications

  • Dental medicine
  • Medicine
  • Electronics
  • Optics
  • Ophthalmology

Examples of developments

  • Precursors (multi-functional silanes) with a high potential for variation
  • Dental filling composites as alternatives to amalgam (Admira®, Definite®), UV-curable glass ionomer cements
  • Monodisperse, spherically shaped special filling materials with adjustable functionalities and compositions
  • Materials with good flame and impact resistance
  • Fibers, hollow fibers and foils with adjustable permeability
  • Optical lenses with an adjustable refractive index and good scratch resistance