Property profile: ORMOCER® as bulk materials

ORMOCER® resins/composites (processing-relevant data)

  • Solvent-free resins/composites
  • Storable for up to several months
  • Resin rheology: 0.1 to 100,000 Pa•s at 25 °C, viscosity drops significantly when temperature rises
  • Curing by means of conventional polymerization or polyaddition reactions (thermal, photochemical and redox-initiated)
  • Processing (manual, fiber drawing, injection molding, casting, etc.)
Properties of bulk ORMOCER®s Unfilledt Filled
Young's modulus [MPa] 1-4000 -17000
therm. Therm. expansion coefficient [K-1] 50-250•10-6 17•10-6
Shrinkage [Vol.-%] 2-8 1-3
Flexural strength [MPa] bis 130  bis 170 
Electrical resistance [Ohms] >1016 >1016
Compressive resistance [MPa] bis 300  bis 600 
Thermal behavior   Duroplast
Water absorption [Vol.-%] (14 d in 40°C Wasser) <2 <1
Biocompatibility   keine Wachstumshemmung bei Mausfibroplasten feststellbar
Inflammability n.b. UL 94 V0, FH 2-10
Impact resistance [kJ/m2] n.b. bis 19 
O2-permeation [cm3/(cm2 s cmHg)] 0,1-140•10-10 n.d.