ORMOCER® as protective and functional coatings

ORMOCER® coatings can have a very beneficial effect on the surface properties of many substrates (polymers, ceramics, glass, metal, paper, wood). In addition to an increase in the mechanical and chemical resistance of the substrates, a variety of additional functions can be created on the surface. We can demonstrate the suitability of ORMOCER® as functional layers in close connection with practical applications by means of a wide selection of industrial coating techniques and characterization techniques, because ORMOCER® lacquers can be processed with nearly all of the customary application procedures.
T_O_P Oberflächen GmbH in Würzburg is one of our partners for the technological implementation of coatings based on ORMOCER® and the supply of ORMOCER® lacquers.

Coating procedures

  • Dip and spray coating
  • Curtain coating
  • Spin-on coating
  • Roller coating
  • Ink-Jet
  • Screen printing

Curing procedures

  • Thermal and IR
  • Redox-initiated
  • UV irradiation


  • Protective coatings for sensitive surfaces (scratch and abrasion resistance)
  • Increasing chemical resistance (corrosion protection)
  • Barrier layers for gases, solvents, flavors, ions
  • Decorative coatings
  • Antireflective coatings
  • Hydrophilic, hydrophobic and oleophobic functions (antiadhesive coatings)
  • Antistatic coatings
  • Sensor layers (for gases and ions)
  • Adhesive systems (e.g. for optical fibers)
  • Doped optical coatings for photonics
  • Powder coatings and water-based lacquers
  • Leather finishing