ORMOCER® color coatings on glass

The manufacturing of colored glass by adding metal oxides, metal sulphides or selenides to a suitable molten glass batch often involves the use of toxic heavy metal compounds. The coloring of achromatic glass by means of vacuum process or inorganic sol-gel coatings requires complex and expensive plant technology. ORMOCER® coatings, on the other hand, as hybrid polymer functional materials, are non-toxic and applicable at low temperatures by conventional lacquer techniques.

Possible applications

  • Opaque layers: flat glass coating with pigmented ORMOCER®
  • Industrial glass
  • Packaging glass
  • Glass sheets for furniture and sanitary appliances
  • Glass in architecture and the building industry
  • Glazing in the automotive sector

The advantages

  • Good adhesion to various glass surfaces
  • Unlimited color palette
  • Easy reproducibility of the colors
  • Finishing by conventional wet painting procedures
  • Low curing temperatures (< 200 °C)
  • Economical even for smaller batches
  • Toxicologically safe
  • Additional decorative effects possible (color gradients, partial coloration)

The properties

  • Properties and processing techniques of the soles and coatings
  • Lead solubility of untreated and pretreated lead crystal glass surfaces

Other areas of application

  • Color coatings on mineral surfaces
  • Color coatings on metal surfaces