ORMOCER® coatings with controlled wetting behavior

With ORMOCER® coatings it is possible to insert functional groups into the silicate skeleton in order to add hydrophobic, oleophobic or hydrophilic properties to different substrates and make these properties permanent. In most cases, the excellent scratch and abrasion resistance is maintained.

Antiadhesive function

Oleophobic layers with an antiadhesive effect can be created by inserting perfluorinated silanes. These layers are not only water- but also oil- and fat-repellent, thus offering improved protection against various different media. The resulting surface properties offer the additional advantage of decreased adhesion of soil particles, which allows surfaces to be cleaned more easily.

Special ORMOCER® coatings counteract the wetting and adhesion properties of conventional spray paints on the substrate and can thus help to protect property from graffiti spraying and/or facilitate cleaning.

Hydrophilic/hydrophobic coatings

The wetting behavior of surfaces can be controlled using ORMOCER® components with different polarities. This effect can be used, for example, to reduce the fogging of windshields.