ORMOCER® coatings in sensor technology

Sensors are increasingly being used to monitor the environment and workplace for hazardous substances. The control and management of industrial processes and the detection of compounds in medical technology are also important fields of application.

Usually, the basic element of a sensor is a sensitive layer which reacts reversibly with the substance to be detected, thereby causing a significant change in one of its properties, which is transformed into a measurable signal.

The ORMOCER® coatings can have special functional groups which react selectively and reversibly, for instance with SO2, CO2 or hydrocarbons. This interaction is detected and measured through changes in the physical measurables of the coating, such as decreased light transmission, an altered refraction index or the dielectric number of the coating.

Special advantages of ORMOCER® coatings

  • Wide range of possible modifications
  • Good adhesion to various substrates
  • Chemical resistance against various media