UV-curable ORMOCER® coatings

In developing ORMOCER® coatings, we have also taken into account the growing demand for UV-curable coatings. The hardness of an ORMOCER® coating can now be applied to thermally sensitive substrates by means of UV-curing, so that high curing temperatures are no longer necessary. Special reactive organic groups allow the curing of ORMOCER® coatings by means of UV-induced polymerization reactions which hardly generate any heat at all. The desired hardness of the surface is obtained in just a few seconds. Apart from providing scratch resistance, UV-curing also offers many other application areas for ORMOCER® coatings.


Special application areas for UV-curing

  • Protective coatings (scratch resistant, antisoiling)
  • Sensor layers
  • Coatings for glass fibers or sheets
  • UV adhesives
  • Submicronstructured anti-reflective coatings